Creating a Character

Character creation starts with generating the core ability scores, or 'stats'. You can use a point-buy system or generate scores randomly. After this, your ability scores will be increased by your choice of race, class, and age.

<u>Point Buy</u>
To create a character, start with a d4 array of 1, 2, 3, 4 (=10) for each of the four core abilities, STA, AGI, INT, and WIS. You may exchange any die in one array for one in another. This allows you to increase an ability score up to 16, but reduces other ones. 

<u>Random Generation</u>
Alternatively, you may take any array and replace it with a roll of 4d4. The result must be assigned to one of the four abilities as soon as it is rolled. You may replace all, some, or none of the arrays this way, but once the dice have been rolled, you must use the result – you cannot modify the score or revert to use the array.

<u>Starting Age</u>
By determining the character's starting age, you can improve his physical or mental stats.   

If your character is in his twenties (d10+20), increase AGI and STA by 2 each.
If your character is in his thirties (d10
30), increase every ability score by 1.
If your character is in his forties (d10
40), increase INT and WIS by +2 each.

Your choice of class will increase one ability score by +2 or two scores by +1 each.

Your choice of race will decrease one ability score by -2, or two scores by -1 each.



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